The company

The first steps towards the Berliner Seilfabrik were taken in 1865, when a company producing ropes for the Berliner elevator industries was founded. The quality of the Berliner ropes has gained a world-wide reputation. The first net structures as climbing equipment have been developed at the beginning of the 70ties. Over the 30 years we deal with play equipment we gained competence in the field of rope production and our intensive development work adhering to all standards and rules for security, including creative ideas of our competent staff, we have created a variety of pro ducts, offering an interesting and recognisable design for playground landscapes.
National and international patents make most of our programme parts inimitable and are proof for our technical lead.
The professional competence of our company is much appreciated. We are permanent members of the German and European standard committee for sport and leisure equipment.

Play activities

Movement is very fascinating for children because it is always exciting and funny to jump, to turn, to swing or to see-saw. So we made movement the core of all our play equipment. A special play rope is the main constituent of our equipment. The rope is equipment and play partner at the same time. A rope can be everything: The rigging of a ship, a predator´s trap, a liana, mountains, a knight´s castle or an ufo.  The flexibility of the rope makes it enter into a dialogue with the child, action is followed by reaction. All elements of our equipment offer play activities: Climbing, swinging, balancing etc. encourage playfully a sense of balance, reactions, power play and agility.




Living playgrounds as varied, secure and durable as possible - this is the intention of planners and architects and it is ours also. Innovative development and permanent motivation are our maxim. We are permanently developing our play equipment and accessories, single or in combination with other equipment to create individual playscapes according to our modular system. This is how our living playground come into being.