DNA Combi.02

From a tree house Trii2, the path across a sus­pen­sion bridge leads dir­ectly into the second storey of DNA Tower.04. Any­one mak­ing it to the very top of the net­ting is con­fron­ted by a steep des­cent, but the curving tun­nel slide offers a quick exit. Mean­while, down at ground level, a fur­ther attrac­tion awaits in the shape of the Duck Jibe.

Image of DNA Combi.02

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Top view

Dimensions (l x w x h)(m)
9,9 x 11,6 x 7,2
32-5 x 37-11 x 23-7
Minimum space required EN 1176 (m)
ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘)
13,7 x 14,6
14,1 x 15,3
42-6 x 53-2
Maximum falling height(m)
Recommended minimum age 5


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DNA Combi.02

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