Award for our play structures!

Our Greenville Rope Play house are a winner! Greenville are “Winner 2015” awarded with the German Design Award! Our sophisticated design approach is what lead to excellent product design in the category Lifestyle! This international premium price is awarded yearly.

The jury consists of experts from various directions. With the Greenville rope play houses the proven properties of a net are combined with those of a classic play house! In doing so, geometric models are taken up and interpreted in a fresh and organic design so that the objects can be integrated wonderfully into their setting. The shape of the house is created using different bamboo panels with window and door elements and the frame of tubular stainless steel and aluminium balls. An excellent piece of playing equipment for children, which fires the imagination, promotes their interpretation skills and motivates them to move in the spatial net. Excellent pedagogic value.

Finally the Jury awarded our product group with a statement that’S important to us: Excellent pedagogic value! Important for us because we build:

Play equipment for life!