6. November 2014

Award for our play struc­tures!

Our Green­ville Rope Play house are a win­ner! Green­ville are “Win­ner 2015” awar­ded with the Ger­man Design Award! Our soph­ist­ic­ated design approach is what lead to excel­lent product design in the cat­egory Life­style! This inter­na­tion­al premi­um price is awar­ded yearly.

The jury con­sists of experts from vari­ous dir­ec­tions. With the Green­ville rope play houses the proven prop­er­ties of a net are com­bined with those of a clas­sic play house! In doing so, geo­met­ric mod­els are taken up and inter­preted in a fresh and organ­ic design so that the objects can be integ­rated won­der­fully into their set­ting. The shape of the house is cre­ated using dif­fer­ent bam­boo pan­els with win­dow and door ele­ments and the frame of tubu­lar stain­less steel and alu­mini­um balls. An excel­lent piece of play­ing equip­ment for chil­dren, which fires the ima­gin­a­tion, pro­motes their inter­pret­a­tion skills and motiv­ates them to move in the spa­tial net. Excel­lent ped­ago­gic value.

Finally the Jury awar­ded our product group with a state­ment that’S import­ant to us: Excel­lent ped­ago­gic value! Import­ant for us because we build:

Play equip­ment for life!