12. April 2012

Big­ger – Bet­ter – Ber­liner

The highest rope climb­ing struc­ture in North Amer­ica came a long way. More than 30 feet high, the Nep­tun XXL was con­struc­ted in Ber­lin by Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik. Today it is finally avail­able for the chil­dren of Utah.
Actu­ally, we took the easy way out. The Nep­tun XXL con­sists of four basic-units of our Nep­tun with a fur­ther Nep­tun at the top. Com­pared to thou­sands of com­bin­a­tions already build, this is prob­ably the com­bin­a­tion most exit­ing. The only ques­tion is: who dares to go to the sum­mit of this colossal pyr­am­id?