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Pri­vacy Policy

Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik GmbH & Co., the oper­at­or of this site, takes the pro­tec­tion of your per­son­al data very ser­i­ously. We treat your per­son­al data as strictly con­fid­en­tial, in accord­ance with stat­utory data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions and this data pri­vacy state­ment.

On our web­site we would like to provide you with inform­a­tion about our work. We hereby point out that the leg­al basis for this is in order to safe­guard our legit­im­ate interests pur­su­ant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

You can gen­er­ally use our web­site without provid­ing any per­son­al data. Where per­son­al data (such as your name, address or e-mail address) are col­lec­ted on our web­site, this will always take place on a vol­un­tary basis, as far as pos­sible.
These data will not be dis­closed to third parties without your expli­cit con­sent.

Please note that data trans­mit­ted via the Inter­net (e.g. via e-mail com­mu­nic­a­tion) may be sub­ject to secur­ity breaches. Abso­lute pro­tec­tion of data against access by third parties is not pos­sible.

Serv­er log files

When you vis­it our web­site, the pro­vider stores data in so-called serv­er log files, which your inter­net browser auto­mat­ic­ally trans­mits to the pro­vider, in par­tic­u­lar:

  • date and time of the serv­er query
  • descrip­tion of the type of browser used
  • oper­at­ing sys­tem used
  • refer­rer URL (page from which the file was reques­ted)
  • name of the file reques­ted
  • amount of data trans­mit­ted
  • access status (file trans­ferred, file not found, etc.)
  • IP address of the access­ing device

These data are stored for a peri­od of sev­en days. The IP address is anonymised imme­di­ately fol­low­ing pro­cessing and pri­or to its stor­age. These data will not be com­bined with data from oth­er sources. We reserve the right to sub­sequently exam­ine this log data if we become aware of con­crete indices of illeg­al activ­ity.

SSL Encryp­tion

This site uses SSL encryp­tion for secur­ity reas­ons and for the pro­tec­tion of the trans­mis­sion of con­fid­en­tial con­tent, such as the quer­ies you send to us as the site oper­at­or. You can recog­nise an encryp­ted con­nec­tion by the fact that the address line of the browser changes from “http://” to “https://” and the lock sym­bol appears in your browser line.

If SSL encryp­tion is activ­ated, the data which you trans­fer to us can­not be read by third parties.

Mak­ing con­tact

When you con­tact us (for example via con­tact form or e-mail), the user’s details will be stored for the pur­pose of pro­cessing the enquiry and in the event of fol­low-up ques­tions. We do not provide this inform­a­tion to third parties without your con­sent. We delete quer­ies if they are no longer neces­sary. We con­tinu­ously check their neces­sity; fur­ther­more, the stat­utory reten­tion peri­ods apply.


When using this web­site, one or more cook­ies are stored on your com­puter. These are trans­ferred to and stored on your com­puter by your browser. A cook­ie is a small file in which dif­fer­ent data can be stored.

A cook­ie is primar­ily used to store inform­a­tion about a user (or the device on which the cook­ie is stored) dur­ing or after his/her vis­it to a web­site.

The terms tem­por­ary cook­ies or “ses­sion cook­ies” refer to cook­ies that are deleted after a user leaves a web­site and closes his/her browser. For example, the con­tent of a shop­ping bas­ket in an online shop, lan­guage set­tings or a login status can be stored in such a cook­ie.

Cook­ies are referred to as “per­man­ent” or “per­sist­ent” if they remain saved even after the browser has been closed. This makes it pos­sible, for example, to save a user’s login status for his/her next vis­it to a web­site. Like­wise, users’ interests can be stored in this type of cook­ie and used for range meas­ure­ments or mar­ket­ing pur­poses.

“Third-party cook­ies” are cook­ies that are offered by pro­viders oth­er than the data con­trol­ler who oper­ates the web­site (oth­er­wise, if only the data controller’s cook­ies are used, they are referred to as “first-party cook­ies”). It is also pos­sible to make use of the offer
without cook­ies. Users can dis­able the stor­age of cook­ies in their browser, lim­it stor­age to spe­cif­ic web­sites or adjust their browser so that it noti­fies them before a cook­ie is saved. You can delete the cook­ies from the hard drive of your com­puter at any time through the data pri­vacy func­tions on your browser. In such case, the func­tions and user-friend­li­ness of the offer may be reduced.

Use of Google Ana­lyt­ics

This web­site uses the Google Ana­lyt­ics ser­vice to ana­lyse the web­site usage by users. This ser­vice is provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphi­theatre Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA. The ser­vice uses so-called cook­ies, i.e. text files that are stored on your ter­min­al device. For fur­ther inform­a­tion about cook­ies, please see the “Cook­ies” sec­tion of our Pri­vacy Policy. The inform­a­tion col­lec­ted by the cook­ies may be pro­cessed and stored in the USA.

Google is cer­ti­fied under the Pri­vacy Shield Agree­ment and thus provides a guar­an­tee of com­pli­ance with European data pro­tec­tion legis­la­tion ( IP anonym­iz­a­tion is used on this site. The IP address of the users is trun­cated with­in the mem­ber states of the EU and the European Eco­nom­ic Area. The per­son­al ref­er­ence of your IP address is omit­ted by means of this short­en­ing. With­in the frame­work of the order pro­cessing agree­ment that Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik GmbH & Co. has con­cluded with Google LLC, Google LLC uses the inform­a­tion col­lec­ted to com­pile an eval­u­ation of web­site usage and web­site activ­ity and provides ser­vices asso­ci­ated with Inter­net usage.

You have the option of pre­vent­ing cook­ies from being saved on your device by mak­ing the appro­pri­ate set­tings in your browser. It is not guar­an­teed that you can access all func­tions of this web­site without restric­tions if your browser does not allow cook­ies. You can also use a browser plug-in to pre­vent the inform­a­tion col­lec­ted by cook­ies (includ­ing your IP address) from being sent to and used by Google LLC. The fol­low­ing link will take you to the cor­res­pond­ing plu­gin: At you will find fur­ther inform­a­tion on how Google LLC uses data.

Use of Google Maps

This web­site uses the Google Maps ser­vice to dis­play geo­graph­ic­al inform­a­tion. This ser­vice is provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphi­theatre Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA. When using Google Maps, the user’s IP address is trans­mit­ted to Google serv­ers for tech­nic­al reas­ons. The pro­cessed data may addi­tion­ally include user loc­a­tion, which, how­ever, is not col­lec­ted without users’ con­sent (gen­er­ally through the set­tings of their mobile devices). Fur­ther­more, data on the use of map func­tions can also be col­lec­ted, pro­cessed and used by Google. The data may be pro­cessed in the USA. Google is cer­ti­fied under the Pri­vacy Shield Agree­ment, thereby offer­ing a guar­an­tee of com­pli­ance with European data pro­tec­tion law ( For more inform­a­tion about how Google pro­cesses your inform­a­tion, please see the Google Pri­vacy Policy at You can cus­tom­ise your per­son­al pri­vacy set­tings in the Google set­tings at .

Use of You­Tube in advanced pri­vacy mode

We use You­Tube, among oth­er ser­vice pro­viders, to embed videos. This ser­vice is provided by You­Tube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. The videos were thereby recor­ded in the exten­ded data pro­tec­tion mode. When you access an Inter­net page, our web­site, which has an embed­ded You­Tube video, a con­nec­tion to You­Tube serv­ers is estab­lished and the embed­ded video is dis­played. The plu­gin thereby trans­mits inform­a­tion to the You­Tube serv­er about which of our pages you have vis­ited. If you are logged in as a mem­ber of You­Tube, You­Tube will assign this inform­a­tion to your per­son­al user account. When an embed­ded video starts, this inform­a­tion is also assigned to your user account. You can pre­vent the inform­a­tion being assigned to your account by log­ging out of your You­Tube account and delet­ing the cor­res­pond­ing You­Tube cook­ies before using our web­site.

For more inform­a­tion about YouTube’s data pro­cessing and pri­vacy prac­tices, please vis­it

Use of the Adobe Typekit

We use web fonts provided by Adobe Sys­tems Soft­ware Ire­land Lim­ited (here­in­after referred to as Adobe), 4-6 River­walk, City­w­est Busi­ness Cam­pus, Dub­lin 24, Ire­land, for the con­sist­ent dis­play of fonts. When you open a page, your browser loads the required web fonts into your browser cache in order to dis­play texts and fonts cor­rectly.

When you call up a page of our web­site which con­tains a social plu­gin, your browser makes a dir­ect con­nec­tion with Adobe serv­ers. Google is there­fore aware that our web page has been accessed via your IP address. The use of Adobe Typekit Web Fonts is in the interest of
a uni­form and appeal­ing present­a­tion of our web­site. This con­sti­tutes a legit­im­ate interest pur­su­ant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. If your browser does not sup­port web fonts, a stand­ard font will be applied by your com­puter instead.

Adobe is cer­ti­fied under the Pri­vacy Shield Agree­ment, which provides a guar­an­tee of com­pli­ance with European pri­vacy legis­la­tion (

For inform­a­tion about Adobe Typekit Web Fonts, see Fur­ther inform­a­tion about data pro­cessing by Adobe and notes on the data pri­vacy policy in con­nec­tion with Adobe Typekit can be found at


Our news­let­ter con­tains inform­a­tion and import­ant updates on new products and tech­nic­al innov­a­tions, invit­a­tions to lead­ing trade fairs and events in the industry, and inform­a­tion about the pro­ject of the month. For you to register, we require a val­id e-mail address from you. In order to veri­fy that the per­son regis­ter­ing is actu­ally the own­er of the e-mail address provided, we use the “double opt-in” pro­ced­ure. With the regis­tra­tion to the news­let­ter we store your IP address and the date of regis­tra­tion. We only save this inform­a­tion as evid­ence in case a third party mis­uses an e-mail address and registers to receive the news­let­ter without the recipient’s know­ledge. The news­let­ter is sent via MailChimp, a news­let­ter dis­tri­bu­tion plat­form of the US pro­vider Rock­et Sci­ence Group LLC, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. The e-mail addresses of our news­let­ter recip­i­ents, as well as their oth­er data described with­in the scope of this inform­a­tion, are stored on the serv­ers of MailChimp in the USA. MailChimp uses this inform­a­tion to send and eval­u­ate the news­let­ter on our behalf. Fur­ther­more, accord­ing to its own inform­a­tion MailChimp can use these data for optim­isa­tion pur­poses, or to improve their own ser­vices, e.g. for tech­nic­al optim­isa­tion of the dis­patch and present­a­tion of news­let­ters or for eco­nom­ic pur­poses, in order to determ­ine from which coun­tries the recip­i­ents come. MailChimp does not, how­ever, use the data of our news­let­ter recip­i­ents in order to write to them them­selves, nor pass these on to third parties.

We trust in the reli­ab­il­ity and IT and data secur­ity of MailChimp. MailChimp is cer­ti­fied under the US-EU Data Pro­tec­tion Agree­ment Pri­vacy Shield and thereby under­takes to com­ply with EU data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions. Fur­ther­more, we have con­cluded a Data Pro­cessing Agree­ment with MailChimp. This is a con­tract in which MailChimp under­takes to pro­tect our users’ data, to pro­cess them on our behalf in accord­ance with our data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions, and, in par­tic­u­lar, not to pass them on to third parties. You can read the pri­vacy policy of MailChimp here.

You may with­draw your con­sent to your data and e-mail address being stored, as well as to these being used to send the news­let­ter, at any time. With­draw­al can take place via a link in the news­let­ters them­selves or by noti­fic­a­tion to

Use of social media but­tons with Shar­iff

Social media but­tons from the pro­viders lis­ted below are used on some pages of our web­site. You can recog­nise the but­tons by the fact that they are marked with the cor­res­pond­ing logo of the social net­work.

Nor­mally, these social media but­tons mean that every vis­it­or to a page is imme­di­ately recor­ded by these ser­vices with his/her IP address and his/her fur­ther activ­it­ies are logged on the Inter­net. This hap­pens even if the user does not click any of the but­tons.

We pre­vent the uncon­scious and unin­ten­tion­al col­lec­tion and trans­mis­sion of data to the ser­vice pro­vider through the use of Shar­iff. Shar­iff only includes these social net­work share but­tons on our web­site as a graph­ic that provides a link to the cor­res­pond­ing social net­work. By click­ing on the appro­pri­ate icon you will be redir­ec­ted to the ser­vices of your net­work. The Shar­iff but­ton provides dir­ect con­tact between the social net­work and our vis­it­ors
only when the vis­it­or act­ively clicks on the share but­ton. Only then your data will be trans­ferred to the respect­ive social net­work. How­ever, if the Shar­iff but­ton is not clicked, no data trans­fer of any kind will take place between you and the social net­work.

Fur­ther inform­a­tion on Shar­iff can be found at—2467514.html.

We integ­rate the fol­low­ing social net­works on our web­site with Shar­iff:

Your rights as a user

In the pro­cessing of your per­son­al data, the GDPR grants you cer­tain rights as a web­site user:

Right to inform­a­tion (Art. 15 GDPR)

You have the right to request con­firm­a­tion as to wheth­er your per­son­al data are pro­cessed; if this is the case, you have the right to access this per­son­al data and the inform­a­tion detailed in Art. 15 GDPR.

Right to rec­ti­fic­a­tion and dele­tion (Art. 16 and 17 GDPR)

You have the right to imme­di­ately request the cor­rec­tion of incor­rect per­son­al data and, if neces­sary, the com­ple­tion of incom­plete per­son­al data.

You also have the right to request that per­son­al data relat­ing to you be deleted imme­di­ately, provided that one of the grounds spe­cified in Art. 17 GDPR applies, e.g. if the data are no longer required for the pur­poses pur­sued.

Right to restrict pro­cessing (Art. 18 GDPR)

You have the right to request the restric­tion of the pro­cessing if one of the pre­requis­ites spe­cified in Art. 18 GDPR is met, e.g. if you have filed an objec­tion against the pro­cessing, for the dur­a­tion of pos­sible veri­fic­a­tion.

The right to data port­ab­il­ity (Art. 20 GDPR)

In cer­tain cases, which are detailed in Art. 20 GDPR, you have the right to receive your per­son­al data in a struc­tured, com­mon and machine-read­able format or to request the trans­mis­sion of these data to a third party.

Right of objec­tion (Art. 21 GDPR)

If data are col­lec­ted on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f (data pro­cessing for the pro­tec­tion of legit­im­ate interests), you have the right to object to the pro­cessing at any time for reas­ons arising from your par­tic­u­lar situ­ation.
We shall then no longer pro­cess the per­son­al data unless there are demon­strably com­pel­ling reas­ons for their pro­cessing which are in need of pro­tec­tion and which out­weigh the interests, rights and freedoms of the data sub­ject, or if the pro­cessing serves to assert, exer­cise or defend leg­al claims.

Ques­tions and Com­ments

If you have any ques­tions, sug­ges­tions or com­ments on the sub­ject of data pro­tec­tion, please con­tact our data pro­tec­tion officer:

Ber­lin Seil­fab­rik GmbH&Co.

Jörg Prechter

Lengeder Straße 2/4, 13407 Ber­lin

T +49 (0)30 41 47 24 0

F +49 (0)30 41 47 24 33


or con­tact our data pro­tec­tion officer dir­ectly:

Mr Michael Lahr

Wan­gen­heim­str. 28, 14193 Ber­lin

E-mail: datens­

The right to lodge a com­plaint with a super­vis­ory author­ity

Pur­su­ant to Art. 77 of the GDPR, you have the right to com­plain to a super­vis­ory author­ity if you believe that the pro­cessing of data con­cern­ing you viol­ates data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions. The right to com­plain may be par­tic­u­larly exer­cised before a super­vis­ory author­ity in the Mem­ber State in which you are stay­ing or work­ing, or in which the sus­pec­ted viol­a­tion took place.

The data pro­tec­tion author­ity respons­ible for us is:

The Ber­lin Com­mis­sion­er for Data Pro­tec­tion and Free­dom of Inform­a­tion,
Maja Smoltczyk

An der Urania 4-10

10787 Ber­lin

Phone: +49 (0)30 13 88 90

E-mail: mail­

Objec­tion to mar­ket­ing e-mails

We hereby expressly pro­hib­it the use of con­tact data pub­lished in the con­text of web­site leg­al notice require­ments with regard to send­ing pro­mo­tion­al and inform­a­tion­al mater­i­als that have not been expressly reques­ted. The web­site oper­at­or expressly reserves the right to take leg­al action in the event that unso­li­cited mar­ket­ing mater­i­al, such as spam e-mail, is received.

Amend­ments to this Data Pri­vacy State­ment
We reserve the right to adapt the con­tents of this state­ment, if neces­sary.

Please always take note of the most cur­rent ver­sion of our data pri­vacy state­ment.

Last updated: May 2018