22. September 2017

Let the Whirl­pool Sweep You Up!

Avail­able in three dif­fer­ent sizes, the DNA Towers range con­sists of grace­ful towers con­tain­ing three-dimen­sion­al climb­ing nets stretched inside extern­al steel skel­et­ons. A care­ful com­bin­a­tion of curved and straight met­al tubing res­ults in a spir­al resem­bling the struc­ture of DNA.

This impression is further enhanced by carefully chosen colour schemes, as well as the use of differing thicknesses of tubing. The illusion created is of the towers rising out of the ground and spiralling up into the sky. Let the whirlpool’s undertow suck you ever upwards!

The DNA Towers play equipment has been deliberately designed to give an open and unencumbered feel. Depending on the height of the tower in question, narrow mesh netting provides the necessary safety from the third storey upwards. This results in a near see-through design which children find very inviting to climb in and which also expresses an understated, almost industrial language of form.

Apart from its persuasive design and the possibility for children to climb as high as seven metres into the air within the smallest of playground footprints, the DNA Towers system is compatible with many other types of playground equipment.
An overview of all details as well as examples of the combination options the DNA Towers can be found in our brochure. Click here to download or to browse online.