Natural Play!

In memory of and homage to the pioneer of rope play equipment, the Berliner Seilfabrik is releasing a new range of equipment called the “Joe Brown Collection“ in autumn 2014.

Climbing in a three-dimensional net helps children to develop and improve their psychomotor skills. Now Berliner Seilfabrik presents the classic play idea of a three dimensional net climber in a revolutionary surrounding. The outer frame of the Joe Brown Collection is made of wood – specifically from glued laminated timber.

The Timber
In comparison to grown wood, our special wooden material is long-lasting and has a higher load capacity. It is made from dried wood and consists of multiple layers, that’s why there is less crack building. The load capacity is improved because it is made from pre-sorted high quality wood that is free of knots. Only one type of wood is used for the production of glued laminated timber, for our net climbers we use larch. These layers are glued with the wood fiber going in the same direction. Glued laminated timbers are often used in architectural structures like roofs for situations with high load capacity. The material can be bent to a degree that satisfies all needs of the design team. For kids this means: Natural play!


More information about our new products of the Joe Brown Collection, about Joe Brown himself and the invention of rope based play equipment you’ll find in our flyer.


Joe Brown derived his play concept for rope play
equipment from a classic boxing ring.


The Globe from the Joe Brown Collection – at the GaLa Bau
in Nuremberg and the NRPA show in Charlotte,
Berliner Seilfabrik presented the first three dimensional
net climber with frame from timber. You’ll also find it in
Denver, Colorado at the ASLA show.