Aiming high with Greenville

Quoting a famous online encyclopedia, we have given a new thought to the Treehouse-idea. „Even today, tree houses are built by indigenous people of South America, Africa, Asia and in West Papua (New Guinea) (…) in order to escape the dangers and adversities on the ground.“ Although a Berliner Seilfabrik playground is not as dangerous as the real jungle, children can imagine the exciting games that may arise on our tree houses. The on curved posts standing Trii playhouses can be easily connected to each other via rope bridges or tunnels to form a whole tree house settlement.

The climb succeeds through a variety of climbing opportunities made of vandal-proof Berlin ropes with steel core. At the top countless windows and niches invite children to wave and look out. The skew panels of the walls look like wood, but are more durable and environmentally friendly, as they are, botanically, a bamboo grass. Down you come with our slide models. But beware: Downstairs it could be dangerous!