15. September 2014

New webpage is online!

Just in time for the Galabau 2014 our new webpage is online. After 6 years it’s time to renew the vir­tu­al pres­ence of Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik. Take a look around and try the new fea­tures. Find your per­son­al favour­ite of our products with help of the new product find­er. Fur­ther­more you’ll find all of our products from the cata­log online, for example the entire Green­ville range or the Quadri­fol. Even if not all details are entered by now, you’ll find the added 2D Acad file for a free down­load with most of the products. If you can’t find what you’re look­ing for or you need more inform­a­tion try the new “wish­list”. Here you can col­lect products and request the miss­ing mater­i­al.

Enjoy explor­ing our new web­site.