16. October 2014

NRPA in Char­lotte is a full suc­cess

At this year’s NRPA trade show in Char­lotte, NC, USA, Ber­liner Sei­fab­rik has presen­ted a wealth of innov­a­tion. One Booth, with the Trii com­bin­a­tion of our Green­ville product group, brings the pop­u­lar tree house onto pub­lic play­grounds and in a second booth, the Joe Brown Col­lec­tion with a frame out of lam­in­ated tim­ber re-defines the net climber as a piece of art. Through­out the show is well atten­ded and espe­cially our two booths are crowded. We’re look­ing for­ward to next year’s NRPA show in Las Vegas.

For any ques­tion or more inform­a­tion about Green­ville Products or the Joe Brown Col­lec­tion please con­tact us.


“The Globe” from the Joe Brown Col­lec­tion by Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik.