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Spa­tial nets in pentagon­al frames.

With the UFOs, chil­dren of all ages can explore, play and climb galax­ies where no chil­dren have gone before – for even more fun and adven­ture. The pentagon­al Frame­worx frame of stain­less steel tubes – con­nec­ted via hol­low alu­mini­um balls – sur­rounds a spa­tial net ten­sioned by means of a com­pres­sion mem­ber con­struc­tion. All fasten­ing ele­ments are safely housed inside the sys­tem balls. The rope cross­ing points are fixed by means of cor­ro­sion res­ist­ant, drop forged, alu­mini­um sec­tions (ball knots).

The spe­cial spher­ic­al shape excludes entrap­ments and entan­gle­ments. The com­pact UFOs can be com­bined to pro­duce lar­ger and more com­plex fleets.

Spatial nets in pentagonal Frameworx frames

With the UFOs, children of all ages can explore play and climb galaxies where no children have gone before – for even more fun and adventure.

The pentagonal Frameworx frame of stainless steel tubes – connected via hollow aluminium balls – surrounds a spatial net tensioned by means of a compression member construction. All fastening elements are safely housed inside the system balls. The rope crossing points are fixed by means of corrosion-resistant, drop forged aluminium sections (ball knots). The special spherical shape excludes entrapments and entanglements.

The frame and foundation connection points are rubber-cushioned for maximum flexibility. The compact UFOs can be combined to produce larger and more complex fleets.

Configuration of the UFOs


Basic Shape


x1 = UFO M1


x2 = UFO M2


x3 = UFO M3


x6 = UFO M6


x9 = UFO M9

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