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Cosmo, the first totally round rope play equip­ment, now has a little broth­er! The Cosmo S base unit, through its bended tube spa­tial struc­ture, is com­pact and yet lets kids find more excit­ing ways to play than ever, mak­ing it the high­light on even the smal­lest playground.Add any of the five ver­sat­ile add-on ele­ments, and the Cosmo S will give kids even more chal­len­ging play activ­it­ies. All around the cent­ral unit, diverse climb­ing nets and walls can be attached. And the “Ban­is­ter”, with its par­al­lel gently bended slid­ing tubes, will give kids an even great­er thrill.


Top view

Dimensions (l x w x h)(m)
3,4 x 3,2 x 2,9
11-0 x 10-7 x 9-6
Minimum space required EN 1176 (m)
ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘)
6,8 x 6,8
7,0 x 7,0
23-0 x 23-0
Maximum falling height(m)
Recommended minimum age 3


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Cosmo S Base

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