Penta­gode M

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Of all our cent­ral mast play struc­tures, our pat­en­ted Penta­godes provide the ulti­mate 345 spa­tial spec­tacle. Thanks to their met­al spread­er bars loc­ated at the upper sec­tion of the mast, they boast plenty of space in which to play even at the very top of the appar­at­us. The ten­sion­ing mech­an­isms for all four avail­able sizes are housed in spher­ic­al cap­sules safely bey­ond the reach of children’s inquir­ing fin­gers. The design also ensures that dur­ing install­a­tion and main­ten­ance, rope ten­sion­ing remains a very simple pro­cess required at a single point only.


Top view

Dimensions (l x w x h)(m)
10,5 x 10,0 x 5,1
34-5 x 32-9 x 16-8
Minimum space required EN 1176 (m)
ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘)
13,5 x 13,0
14,2 x 13,7
46-5 x 44-9
Maximum falling height(m)
Recommended minimum age 5


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Penta­gode M

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