Penta­gode XL.02

The children’s dreams come true. With count­less play fea­tures and no pre­scribed points for entry, the hard­est part is to fig­ure out where to begin with the fun. Do you tackle the almost 7,2 m tall pyr­am­id first, or do you leave it for the fin­ish? Whatever your decision today, don’t worry, tomor­row you’ll get to explore the colos­sus in a dif­fer­ent way.

Image of Penta­gode XL.02


Top view

Dimensions (l x w x h)(m)
34,8 x 20,6 x 8,8
114-3 x 67-8 x 28-11
Minimum space required EN 1176 (m)
ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘)
37,8 x 23,6
38,5 x 24,3
126-3 x 79-8
Maximum falling height(m)
Recommended minimum age 5


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Penta­gode XL.02

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