Wood­ville Combi.03

This is a large com­bin­a­tion of Shack1 and Shack2. Two neigh­bour­ing huts share one post and a fur­ther hut is con­nec­ted via a rope bridge. Two slides and vari­ous ele­ments as well as dif­fer­ent plat­form heights ensure a multi-facet­ted climb­ing land­scape.

Image of Wood­ville Combi.03

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Top view
Dimensions (l x w x h)(m)
5,3 x 11,4 x 4,0
17-4 x 37-6 x 13-0
Minimum space required EN 1176 (m)
ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘)
15,4 x 8,3
15,3 x 9,0
37-3 x 44-6
Maximum falling height(m)
Recommended minimum age 3


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Wood­ville Combi.03

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