13. September 2016

Reach­ing unima­gin­able heights with the Quadro Boo


After Boo, Double Boo and Triple Boo, the Ber­liners are now present­ing the Quadro Boo! Hence the Boo fam­ily of the Green­ville product group has been expan­ded by a 7-metre tall tower and reaches unima­gin­able heights. As the name already implies, the Quadro Boo con­sists of four Boos which are “towered” on top of each oth­er. On the inside of the rope play house, there is a three-dimen­sion­al climb­ing web which can be climbed from the ground up to the top floor – a great chal­lenge for any climb­ing enthu­si­ast!

The basic frame of the Quadro Boo com­prises curved, stain­less steel poles. As a con­nect­ing ele­ment, the Ber­liners util­ise the alu­mini­um ball which has been tried and tested for years, which has the pat­en­ted spa­tial net ten­sion sys­tem AstemTT® inside. Apart from the res­ult­ing eleg­ant design that is integ­rated har­mo­ni­ously into the Frame­worx sys­tem, the AstemTT® also sim­pli­fies the install­a­tion and the climb­ing web can thus be tightened a lot more evenly. At the same time, all con­struc­tion-neces­sary struc­ture com­pon­ents are removed from the play­ing area, so that a high level of safety is also ensured with this play equip­ment.

Along the façade of the Quadro Boo, the Green­ville-typ­ic­al bam­boo pan­el­ling dom­in­ates, so that a nat­ur­al design lan­guage is expressed. On the two lower floors, the façade is par­tially kept open. This provides a great degree of trans­par­ency and invites kids to climb. The upper floor’s façades are, apart from the white double win­dows, closed off. For one, that ensures the neces­sary safety at that height and at the same time invokes a sense of curi­os­ity – what is hid­den on those upper floors?
In addi­tion to its impress­ive height and its appeal­ing design, the Quadro Boo dis­tin­guishes itself through its great com­bin­a­tion options. As before, the new rope play house can be com­bined with all oth­er Ber­liner play equip­ment and has numer­ous entry vari­ants and types of slides.

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