10. May 2016

Karls Climb­ing Silos

Just in time for spring and there­fore the start of the amuse­ment park sea­son, Karl’s Erleb­nis-Dorf (Adven­ture Vil­lage) opens new play­grounds at vari­ous loc­a­tions. One of them in Elstal close to Ber­lin and in Zirkow on Rügen.

The two new play struc­tures in Elstal und Zirkow are espe­cially spec­tac­u­lar and pos­sibly record-break­ing. Karl’s Climb­ing Silos are 13.2 metre high twin climb­ing towers with a 130 m³ size net inside and a slide of almost 17 m length, which takes the sum­mit­eers back to the ground.

The land­scape archi­tect in charge, Ute Hoff­mann, Büro­ge­meinsch­aft Stadt- und Dor­f­planung, describes: “The idea for Karl’s climb­ing silo developed in our Karl plan­ning group from vari­ous require­ments. On the one hand, we wanted to estab­lish some­thing unique for the older kids as well, as we all have chil­dren of our own, who have par­tially “out­grown” the nor­mal play­grounds for kids. My own sons for example are 12 and 14 years old.” A net is the per­fect base for this. Climb­ing in a three-dimen­sion­al room chal­lenges and encour­ages the kids, their psy­cho­mo­tor abil­it­ies and their three-dimen­sion­al ima­gin­at­ive power. The rope is the suit­able play­mate. It reacts to the move­ment of the kids. Every step and each grip offers move­ment.

She then explained: “The fur­ther chal­lenge was to cre­ate a great attrac­tion on a little space. The exist­ing 12 m high fire­fight­ing water tank was to be included them­at­ic­ally. As we like to integ­rate com­mon vil­lage struc­tures in Karl’s Adven­ture Vil­lages, we inven­ted the design of the twin silo towers. The Climb­ing Silo was to look as if it were still under con­struc­tion and there­fore very airy. This increases the height adven­ture for the kids and the guests on the Hof ter­races are fully enter­tained while watch­ing the kids. The trans­par­ent design has been imple­men­ted very well with the choice of the mater­i­al and the col­or of the ropes. Except for the out­er skel­et­on, made of steel posts and steel rings, only dif­fer­ent rope attach­ments were to be used. This also turned out very well and makes the climb­ing exper­i­ence unique. Espe­cially in Elstal we were also able to include a fur­ther, high­er loc­ated gast­ro­nom­ic ter­race through a tun­nel“.



Mari­us Kotte, archi­tect at the Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik (Rope Fact­ory) and head of the con­struc­tion and devel­op­ment depart­ment, expli­citly names the height of the device as a spe­cial chal­lenge: “We had to make sure that it was pos­sible to con­nect the parts without big meas­ur­ing tol­er­ances, as the net does not allow much meas­ure devi­ation. Here, how­ever, it was already the tol­er­ances of the pipe sup­pli­er that gave us a head­ache, as this was already at +- 50mm with the 13m long poles. Due to the length of the posts, a mount­ing by simply pos­i­tion­ing and screw­ing togeth­er was not pos­sible. In addi­tion, this kind of net has nev­er been built before. For the net, con­nect­ing details between the tight­en­ing ball and the poles had to be developed. The net is hung in a “swim­ming” pos­i­tion; this means that the upper balls are brought into pos­i­tion by guy ropes. Here, too, a devi­ation from the sys­tem meas­ures was not allowed.”, said Mari­us Kotte.

“Con­cern­ing the slide, the dif­fi­culty was to man­age the run in such a way, that the net tun­nel was bypassed and the required space for the land­ing did not exceed the exist­ing area and the max­im­um per­mit­ted incline was adhered to. For this reas­on, the slide has a sharp bend in it after passing the tun­nel. The last piece has an incline of almost 40° (usu­al are 30-35°). The real goal of the climb­ing adven­ture is the tube slide, which fits per­fectly into the com­plete pic­ture with its rusty look!“ says Ute Hoff­mann.

Mari­us Kotte explained: “This rusty look of the poles developed without addi­tion­al work all by itself and nat­ur­ally and is only on the sur­face. On simple steel, so-called flash rust builds up rather quickly. This really only makes clothes dirty, noth­ing more. In order to avoid cor­ro­sion in the found­a­tion, an epoxy coat­ing was applied, as the vul­ner­ab­il­ity for rust is extremely high in this place. We also increased the main­ten­ance inter­vals. The poles have a thick­er walling than they stat­ic­ally need in order to be def­in­itely on the safe side regard­ing this aspect. The rusty look of the slide, which is really made from stain­less steel, is achieved through a foil that is wet­ted with met­al particles. These particles also build flash rust and make the slide look old“. At the open­ing, which took place on the sched­uled date, in the middle of March, the kids took over com­mand and took the climb­ing tower by storm. And Mrs. Hoff­mann is enthu­si­ast­ic, too: “We think that Karl´s Climb­ing Silo is very well-done and was imple­men­ted by the Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik in a unique way with no look-alike. It fits really well into our play­ing concept“.

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