7. March 2017

Spring, climb, spin, swing! – The Ber­liners present eight new Play­po­ints by URBAN DESIGN BERLIN.

Ordin­ary play equip­ment is designed to be imme­di­ately recog­nised. The URBAN DESIGN BERLIN products are not ordin­ary. They are not con­cretely designed, but rather sug­gest nat­ur­al objects. They play around their shapes. They leave suf­fi­cient space for the viewer’s own ima­gin­a­tion.

They are espe­cially styl­ish as an object in the pub­lic space and extremely cool as a place to play. They are much more than clas­sic­al play­ground pieces. With their com­bin­a­tion of design, style and cool­ness, they are design ele­ments in all pub­lic spaces, space to play included.

Now the Ber­liners are present­ing nine new Play­po­ints that all fea­ture the unmis­tak­able design lan­guage of URBAN DESIGN BERLIN. They are not only at home hand­ling clas­sic play­grounds, but the city is their world.

At a time when urb­an space is increas­ingly shrink­ing, these Play­po­ints are where places to play are cre­ated des­pite min­im­al space.

The innov­a­tions in the field of seesaws are called But­ter­fly and Freeride. They impress both visu­ally through the organ­ic line lay­out as well as tech­nic­ally through a new rub­ber bear­ing sys­tem.



The disc is a mod­ern merry-go-round, con­sist­ing of a round disc. The slight inclin­a­tion of the con­cave sur­face makes it espe­cially inter­est­ing to play on. The disc is avail­able in two dif­fer­ent sizes: as Disc L and XL with a dia­met­er of 1.9m/2.3m.


Disk XL

The presen­ted Fireball.3.1 and Eddie.05 are two new slender Play­po­ints that espe­cially use the space above. Both units have a height of 2.3m and are no wider than 1.0m/0.5m. A new, slip-proof HDPE base plat­form provides the needed foot­ing when spin­ning.


Fire­ball und Eddie

The Hula-Loops describe organ­ic­ally shaped boards that are flex­ible thanks to a spring-loaded rub­ber bear­ing. There are ball tracks in the sur­face. The ball starts to roll through hip move­ment. These Play­po­ints motiv­ate to exer­cise in a play­ful way.


The Net Swing allows breaks in a hec­tic day and invite you to pause for a moment. At the same time, the organ­ic design of the curved poles in com­bin­a­tion with the col­our­ful balls makes them a visu­al high­light in open urb­an spaces.

Net Swing

A surf­board for the ped­es­tri­an zone! This innov­at­ive Play­po­ints joins in every move­ment, no mat­ter where the wind comes from. Fur­ther more the windrider is a visu­al enrich­ment for any kind of urb­an spaces.



All Play­po­ints are con­struc­ted in a tech­nic­ally soph­ist­ic­ated way and are made from qual­ity mater­i­als such as stain­less steel, powder-coated alu­mini­um, HDPE sur­faces and ITR bear­ings. They stand for the greatest amount of safety and long ser­vice life. All products meet the EN 1176 and fur­ther inter­na­tion­al stand­ards such as ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614. Play­po­ints are very low-main­ten­ance and cause hardly any sub­sequent costs.