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Land­scape Archi­tects

Cus­tom is stand­ard at Ber­liner.

Cus­tom is Stand­ard at Ber­liner!

Are you a land­scape archi­tect look­ing for excit­ing play equip­ment for your cur­rent build­ing pro­ject? Wheth­er in a park, the city centre or on impass­able ter­rain – we can offer an inter­est­ing and dis­tinct­ive design for every field of out­door play. Thanks to the mod­u­lar sys­tem of our devices, they can be com­bined in end­less ways.

The Ber­lin Cre­at­ive Cen­ter, con­sist­ing of more than the 10 heads minds of archi­tects, design­ers, land­scape plan­ners and engin­eers, sup­ports you in every phase of the con­struc­tion pro­ject. Due to our own pro­duc­tion of all essen­tial play equip­ment com­pon­ents we offer max­im­um flex­ib­il­ity in the imple­ment­a­tion of your wishes. We are happy to pro­duce high-qual­ity ren­der­ings for you in advance to illus­trate your idea. Let your­self be inspired – we look for­ward to work­ing with you!

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Large playground - Berliner Seilfabrik - Play equipment for life

Climb­ing Land­scape for a Res­id­en­tial Cooper­at­ive

Europe’s longest playground – Berliner Seilfabrik – Play equipment for life

Europe’s longest Play­ground struc­ture – “Aven­tura – the Spiel­Berg” in Medebach.

Dschungelspielplatz – Berliner Seilfabrik – Spielgeräte fürs Leben

Willkom­men im Dschun­gel – Aben­teuer­spiel­platz in Mon­heim.

Spatial net with wood - Berliner Seilfabrik - Play Equipment for Life

War Memori­al Park in Rom­sey

Karls Climb­ing Tower

Shout, Spieldesign, Park – Berliner Seilfabrik – Spielgeräte fürs Leben

South Park San Fran­cisco

Cit­ies + muni­cip­al­it­ies