13. September 2016

The Cube is here!


After The Globe, Ber­liner Seil­fab­rik now presents the second mod­el of the Joe Brown Col­lec­tion, which was cre­ated as a memento and homage to Joe Brown, the invent­or of rope play equip­ment. The Cube has the basic shape of a die, which “stands” on edge and impresses through its futur­ist­ic design. At the same time, it also draws from two play­ing clas­sics in its play­ground design. For example, the rope climb­ing web offers the kids max­im­al devel­op­ment options when climb­ing, by pro­mot­ing the psycho­so­mat­ic skills and their three-dimen­sion­al spa­tial sense. The out­er frame of The Cube is made – as is all equip­ment of the Joe Brown Col­lec­tion – from wood. As a nat­ur­al mater­i­al, wood provides a visu­al as well as haptic sense of warmth. Moreover, it per­fectly blends into its sur­round­ings.

In order to achieve the best-pos­sible bear­ing capa­city as well as dur­ab­il­ity, Ber­liner applieslam­in­ated tim­ber and thus util­ises a build­ing mater­i­al from tim­ber engin­eer­ing. Lam­in­ated tim­ber is man­u­fac­tured from dried wood which is stacked in mul­tiple lay­ers and can bear high stat­ic loads. The bear­ing capa­city is boos­ted by the fact that lam­in­ated tim­ber is made from pre-sor­ted tim­ber that has been freed from imper­fec­tions. The frame of The Cube is exclus­ively made from larch tim­ber which is lam­in­ated in lay­ers and in uni­form grain dir­ec­tion.

In sum­mary, The Cube offers “nat­ur­al” climb­ing fun due to its pro­cessed mater­i­als and sim­ul­tan­eously con­vinces through it unique futur­ist­ic design.

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