22. March 2018

The Mari­ott Vil­lage, Flor­ida

The Mar­ri­ott Vil­lage in Orlando, Flor­ida, is where three hotels con­verge into one vil­lage. Close to Dis­ney, Epcot and oth­er attrac­tions, the hotels are home to vaca­tion­ing fam­il­ies and oth­er trav­el­ers. As you enter the circle drive­way shared by all hotels, you’ll find a beau­ti­ful foun­tain, and in the strip between the Fair­field Inn & Suites and the Court­yard Mar­ri­ott is a Vil­lage Mar­ket­place with plenty of din­ing, shop­ping and oth­er con­veni­ences for the hotel guests.

This area offers a focal point for fam­il­ies to gath­er after a day of fun, where they could shop and dine. How­ever, the hotels wanted to expand it into a place where the kids could play while the rest of the fam­ily enjoyed the sur­round­ings of the Vil­lage Mar­ket­place. The Vil­lage Green, a strip of grass and palm trees 9 x 27 metres in the Mar­ket­place, was developed into an innov­at­ive play­ground vil­lage using the Green­ville product line that blen­ded well with its sur­round­ings.

The Triple Boo gives the look of a classic play house with its bamboo panels, but it is truly more. Standing 4 metres high, the Triple Boo utilizes the space well by providing play space upward, maximizing play space on minimal ground area. It also contains a 3-dimensional rope climbing web beneath it for kids to climb in and up to the tree house. Climbing in a 3-dimensional net challenges a child’s psychomotor skills, stimulates 3D thinking and provides numerous ways for a child to get from point A to point B. The open tube provides a barrier-free access to the structure, enabling play for all. And, the bamboo panels, which look like wood, offer greater durability and are extremely wear-resistant.

The Triple Boo playground village has been outfitted with plenty of activities to keep children active and challenged, including access nets, ladders, a hammock, an attached slide and an access bridge connecting to the Splash.

The Splash, another bamboo-paneled rope play house, offers more play area for children ages five and older. It is a nice transition from the Triple Boo, ascending down the two access net options to ground level activities, such as the tic-tac-toe board and hammock, and the window panels that created the magical playhouse. The hammock also offers easy transfer and a barrier-free access. Parents love the transparency, which gives them time to enjoy their coffee and still keep an eye on their kids.

The Spooky Rookie, another bamboo playhouse in the village, is designed specifically for younger children from 3 years of age to foster early motor development. Again, plenty of play activities keep the younger children busy and challenged, including a climbing ramp, climbing wall, window to stimulate their imagination and other play functions such as a tic-tac-toe board and memory games. All of this activity is packed into an inviting and imaginative design to keep these youngsters energized, safe and happy.